Departments Collaborate to Assure Easy Banking

10/9/2018 by Sarah Phalen

While starting a real estate project in his hometown of Champaign, Todd Carlson initially thought it would be like the many others he’s undertaken. He didn’t realize he would find a new bank in the process. A little collaboration by our mortgage and commercial lending officers made all the difference.

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Art is Surprising the Real World

10/19/2016 by Illinois National Bank

John Maxfield
Commercial Lender
NMLS #662895

French Playwright Francoise Sagan said, “Art must take reality by surprise.” And that’s happening all over Springfield as over 100 bus benches are transformed into artist galleries.

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One Dad’s Story of Fatherhood: an Endless, Awesome Event

6/16/2016 by Illinois National Bank

By: Mark Donovan
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
NMLS # 662887

As a recently inaugurated father, my wife and I will occasionally make jokes about our short stint as a married couple without kids. Yet when we try and recall what we did with all our free time, it’s as if we both suffer from amnesia. In hindsight, it’s probably because those moments were so comparably relaxed. But, when asked to describe some of my “unexpected” moments as a father, I can still say, with a bit of optimistic, untainted naiveté, that fatherhood itself has been and continues to be one endless, awesome unexpected event.

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3/14/2016 by Illinois National Bank

By: Marilyn Titone Schaefer
AVP, Communications Director

The Village of Downs, Ill. is just about the perfect location. Early pioneers made their way to Downs thanks to the abundant natural resources. Today, the location . . . between U.S. Highway 150 and Interstate 74 . . . continues to interest newcomers. The village website explains it this way: “. . . the town’s charms — rural peacefulness, small-town neighborliness, wooded park and quality education – still draw people to this area.”

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