New Lender Moves from Behind the Scenes

5/22/2019 by Aaron Sapp

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, and Corey Kates heard good things about INB before coming to work here. He says that INB Mortgage Processor Kent Starr talked to him about the culture and the growth opportunities for both employees and the bank.

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Andy Mitchell Joins INB Team He Admires

4/19/2019 by Aaron Sapp

We asked our newest mortgage lender, Andy Mitchell, if there’s anything about himself that might surprise people. The red-headed Andy replied, “People are surprised to learn that I live on a horse farm. I think the thought of a red-haired person shoveling horse manure is what confuses people.”

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Successful Realtor Joins INB Mortgage Lending Team

3/26/2019 by Aaron Sapp

As a real estate agent, Michelle Mott nurtured a couple for three years, trying to help them buy a home. At one point, she put them in touch with INB Mortgage Lender Justin Gensler.

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Debby Ancel Uses Problem-Solving for Success in Mortgage Career

3/19/2019 by Abraham Rezex

Debby Ancel vividly remembers a young couple from her church sitting in her office. They were recently married and had been renting.

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Justin Gensler Educates Couple Before Home Purchase

3/12/2019 by Aaron Sapp

Realtor Nate Evans was approached by a couple who were in need of some credit repair before they would be able to purchase their first home.

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