Kate Ott Begins New Adventure Called ‘Retirement’

5/10/2019 by Jamie Singer

When Kate Ott began at INB in September 2005, she developed close relationships with many of the bank customers in her role as a receptionist. But one customer in particular became a fixture in her day.

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John Maxfield Retires After 40 Years in Banking

4/22/2019 by Bank Staff

John Maxfield spent his days helping local businesses succeed. Along the way, he became friends with some of Springfield’s most successful business owners. He also managed to establish strong bonds with the staff at INB. We recently took some time to consider John’s retirement from INB.

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Forrest Brake Adding Value to Chatham Branch

4/12/2019 by Kelly Raison

INB’s Forrest Brake recently shared this thought: “People will enter your lives like a credit. Others will transfer out of your lives like a debit. Just know there will be more deposits, some are just worth a little more than others.”

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Joe Fendi Excited to Help INB Grow in St. Louis Market

4/11/2019 by Sean McKenna

Past experience of running his own business has given Joe Fendi a better understanding of entrepreneurship now that he is a commercial lender.

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Work-Life Balance Allows McArty to Give Her All to Customers

4/9/2019 by Kathy Greer

Shortly after Heather McArty took a position with INB’s Fairmount branch, her father fell ill and she became his primary caretaker. Looking back, INB’s constant support stands out in her memory.

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