Why You Need a Mortgage Lender During Your Online Home Loan Application


By: Justin Gensler
Vice President, Mortgage Lending
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A few months ago, I was contacted by a couple who had completed a mortgage application with an online lending program and got pre-qualified quickly for a $220,000 home. However, the sellers of the home they were purchasing wanted a local lender, so the couple came to me at INB Champaign.

Upon reviewing their application, I realized the first mortgage program did not correctly analyze their application – because it was only a system. The couple actually qualified for a loan for $180,000.

I could only imagine their dismay after spending so much time trying to get qualified, scheduling movers and telling their excited kids about their new house. Once INB pre-qualified them for $180,000 though, I was thrilled to learn that the couple found a home they liked in that price range even more than the first house.

What made the difference in their experience? A personal lender.

And that is why our new online mortgage application program, IChoose INB Home Loan, is so unique from other online lending programs.

IChoose INB Home Loan is quick, simple and convenient for completing and submitting your mortgage application for loan prequalification. Simply create a secure account in our system, and the application walks you through the entire process; if you get confused or overwhelmed, you can quickly be in touch with one of our expert INB mortgage lenders for help.

With other online programs, applicants are screened by a backend system…Using IChoose INB Home Loan, my colleagues and I are actually calculating each of the numbers specifically for your personal situation and needs. It’s a no-brainer about which is more trustworthy and dependable!

One of the best parts is that you can invite other people into your transaction through the IChoose INB Home Loan system. Do you want your realtor, your accountant, your lawyer or your family member to be part of the process? When you invite people you trust to help you track the status of your application or help guide you through your first-time home purchase, it creates a more seamless transaction for all involved to work under the same system.

Of course, using IChoose INB Home Loan for mortgage loans won’t be replacing in-person lending applications; personal, face-to-face relationships with our customers are vital to the way we do business at INB.

But at INB, we make banking easy for you – and that includes offering solutions like IChoose INB Home Loan so that your mortgage application process can be simple, convenient and stress-free.

Ready to purchase your new home? Head over to IChoose INB Home Loan to get started!

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