Justin Gensler Educates Couple Before Home Purchase


By: Aaron Sapp

Vice President, Mortgage Lending

NMLS #447059


Realtor Nate Evans was approached by a couple who were in need of some credit repair before they would be able to purchase their first home.

He sent the couple to Justin Gensler, VP, mortgage lending at INB Champaign, to discuss their options.

Justin Gensler, Vice President, mortgage lending“Justin took the time to meet with them and educate them on what they needed to do in order to get that credit repaired to a place where they could buy a home,” Nate recalled. “Not only did they take his advice and return to us to purchase a home, they bought a home three times the amount they originally thought was even possible, and they were able to do it comfortably - thanks to Justin’s financial advising.” 

Nate Evans is the owner of Nate Evan Group at Keller Williams Realty in Champaign-Urbana, which was started seven years ago.

When he first met Justin, Nate said he was particularly impressed with Justin’s zeal and ambition. At the time, Nate was working with another local lender who was “not delivering the experience to the consumer that I expected.”

“The lender is a true partner in the home buying experience,” he said. “I decided to give Justin a call and see if he could assist our next home buyer.  Like we expected, he didn't disappoint.

“He is always so focused on the communication and experience of the consumer that it really made my job a lot easier knowing that every person I put in front of INB is probably getting the best service they can expect and deserve.”

In just a few years operating in the Champaign market, INB has demonstrated superior expertise along with outstanding loan products and services in the east-central Illinois region, Nate said.

“From the minute you connect with a lender, you know you just talked to a different kind of bank than what we are used to,” he said. “INB is a forward-thinking company that enables the lenders to work as professionals and educate a consumer throughout the home-buying process. Their tools, technology and underwriting departments make the home-buying experience seamless.”

Nate said he can recall many instances when INB provided customized solutions for his clients – from buyers who were told their loan wouldn’t go through to a veteran who saved more than $5,000 on his closing costs working with Justin on a VA loan instead of his original source of lending.

“That’s why you choose local trusted lenders that consistently deliver results,” Nate pointed out. “With INB, you know you are in trusted hands that care about you and what is best for you and your family moving forward.”

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