Successful Realtor Joins INB Mortgage Lending Team


By: Aaron Sapp

Vice President, Mortgage Lending

NMLS #447059

Michelle Mott, INB Mortgage Lender, NMLS# 1840439As a real estate agent, Michelle Mott nurtured a couple for three years, trying to help them buy a home.  At one point, she put them in touch with INB Mortgage Lender Justin Gensler.  Michelle says, “He gave them a road map for how they could obtain home ownership.  I continued to reach out and encourage them that they, too, could own a home one day.  Fall of 2018 is when that became a reality for them.”   With pre-qualification in hand from INB, the couple started house shopping.

Michelle adds, “They have three young children they hadn’t told yet, and the day we closed on the home, they surprised them.”  They were extremely appreciative and said, “Thank you so much.  You helped us have a piece of the American Dream.”

“That is what keeps me going and is why I am in this industry,” she continues. “I love helping people.” And that is also, in part, why Michelle left her successful real estate career to join Justin as an INB mortgage lender.

From Ag to Real Estate

Michelle started in real estate shortly after she graduated from college. She says, “I got a job for a local property management company on the U of I campus and started exploring careers in real estate.  I ran into one of my old ag professors and mentioned to him that I was thinking about getting my real estate license.  He immediately said I had to talk to a local real estate agent who, herself, and her husband were heavily involved with the College of ACES (Agricultural and Consumer Economics) and the university.” Michelle says the woman offered to be her mentor.  After Michelle got her broker and managing broker licenses, she worked for her mentor. 

From Real Estate to INB Mortgage Lending

Eventually, Michelle became an independent agent and, just months ago, was in the midst of adding an agent to her team. “I actually had no intentions of making a job switch.  Over the last three years, I have been consistently referring real estate clients to Justin.”  She says Justin thought she would be a good addition to the INB team based on her knowledge and relationships in the real estate world.  “The vision he had for his lending team, growth opportunities and culture of INB is what attracted me to INB.”  

With 15 years in real estate, Michelle knows what it takes to help someone buy or sell a home. As a mortgage lender, she says, “I will be able to handle emotions, add value and provide top-notch customer service creating a seamless home buying process.”

Michelle, NMLS#1840439, is based out of INB’s Champaign office. She’s a University of Illinois graduate, with a degree in agriculture marketing. While in school, she expected to find a marketing job with a local agriculture business. She says of her ag roots, “People might be surprised to know I have run a field cultivator and combine in the field.” Today, she gardens and cans tomatoes and salsa. She also enjoys snowmobiling.    

Michelle is part of the Champaign County Association of Realtors Member Services Involvement Group/Affiliate Networking/Public Relations and Marketing Group.  She will continue to be a big supporter of the Champaign County Association of Realtors and its members.  

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