Debby Ancel Uses Problem-Solving for Success in Mortgage Career


By Abraham Rezex

Vice President and Missouri Regional Market Manager

NMLS# 1083323


Debby Ancel, NMLS #438486, Mortgage LenderDebby Ancel vividly remembers a young couple from her church sitting in her office. They were recently married and had been renting.

“They were talking about buying a house but didn’t think they could. I ran the numbers and discovered they qualified for a VA loan,” Debby says. “The look on their faces was priceless. They said they couldn’t wait to tell their moms. Many folks starting out don’t think they can afford a home, but after I am able to explain the process to them, they get excited.”

Working with first-time homebuyers has been especially enjoyable for Debby during her 18 years of mortgage experience. Having recently joined the INB team at the Chesterfield, MO, office as AVP, mortgage loan originator, she looks forward to helping more customers find their dream homes.

At Home in St. Louis Area 

Debby is originally from Jefferson County and attended Northwest High School. Her mortgage career began as a receptionist at a mortgage company, where she eventually moved to loan officer assistant for 16 years. Then, she had the opportunity to become a mortgage officer.

“I’ve always enjoyed the process; I really like helping people get into houses,” she says. “Within this industry, you can carve your own career path.”

“I find it fun to figure stuff out, to take situations and resolve them - and mortgages are all about that,” she adds. “In order to get to the finish line, we need to steer off potential issues. Sometimes I get creative, and sometimes I do have to say ‘no, now’s not the time.’ Many salespeople are yes-minded folks, but sometimes that’s not the best solution for my customers. I want to always provide honest answers.”

Debby’s clients describe her as reliable, accessible and extremely helpful through each step of the process. Her long-time experience enables her to understand the various facets of mortgage lending, streamlining the process to efficiently move her clients from application to closing. “Having worked in all these areas helps me to see and defer any potential issues that might arise.”

It's All About Family

Debby is married with one adult son and two grandchildren, ages 3 and 1. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys being involved in her church. She also cares for her two dogs and volunteers for local pet adoption events.

“My husband and I moved to Franklin County two years ago, right on the border between Franklin and Jefferson counties. I really like riding 4-wheelers around and taking care of our 9-acre property,” she says.

Debby has been impressed with INB’s positive culture and is excited to build on her career with us.

“The leadership is extremely supportive, which is not as common in the banking industry. Our CEO Sarah Phalen comes down to our Chesterfield office to interact with us and has an open door policy,” Debby explains. “INB has been very welcoming.”

Please join us to welcome Debby Ancel, NMLS# 438486, to INB.

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