Digital Banking

More Updates to our Digital Banking Products

We are making more changes to our digital banking products, each designed to make it as easy as possible for you to do your banking and move on to the next thing on your list. Here’s a list a things you can look forward to effective March 6, 2018.

More Loan Information Quickly Viewable

To make it easier to manage your loans, we’re now displaying the loan payment amount and due date next to the loan balance. 

loan payment amount and due date

Bill Pay Indicator for Reoccurring Payments

In your payee list, if you see two arrows making a circle, this indicates a payee has reoccurring payments. Soon you’ll see the symbol in your “Quick Pay” list as well.

reocurring payments

Card On/Off Available for All of Your Accounts

If you have more than one account tied to your social security number, you’ll see all your available cards in the “Manage Cards” section. From there, you can turn a debit card off and on.

Re-designed Buttons

We’ve redesigned the toggle buttons for the selections you make as radio buttons. The functionality of this buttons will remain the same, but this new design is more in line with what you see on other apps and websites. 

Re-designed button

Download Options for Mobile

You can easily download information throughout the app by using the down arrow icon.

download button

PDF/Print Option for Activity

We’ve renamed the PDF download option for account activity to PDF/Print. This indicates a PDF is a printable format.

pdf print option

Bill Payee Details and History

Details:We’ve reorganized the Payee Details section to give you easy access to important information. Payment Type and eBill will now display without the need to expand.Remember: You can establish any payee as a favorite from this section by clicking on the star. Now, this “favorite” will appear on your landing page’s Quick Pay section for easy access.

bill payee details history

History : You’ll now see a History section when managing a Bill Payee. This screen provides details of transactions to the payee.

bill payee details history2

Make a Deposit as First Screen

We’ve switched the “Make a Deposit” and “History” screens. This will allow you to more quickly capture a check image for deposit when you’re using your mobile device.

make a deposit as first screen

Pay Loans from Account Page

You can now submit a payment from the “Loan Account Services” page. Details of this payment will be stored in the Move Money section like other Money Movement transactions.

pay loans from account page

Show Details on Alerts

With some alerts, you’ll now be able to see details without logging into your account.You make the details available by enabling or turning off alert details. Any new alert you establish will have the details enabled.

show details on alerts

Customers Direct Digital Banking Improvements

Our digital banking service is getting better thanks to our customers’ suggestions.