Online & Mobile Solutions

To help assure we’re able to bring you the best in online banking in as little time as possible, we recently moved to a new online banking service provider. With the launch of the new service, you see some features that weren't available through our previous online banking service. These features give you the ability to:

  • turn your debit card on and off
  • deposit checks into your savings account using mobile deposit
  • access to additional months of account statements and your 2017 tax forms when they are available
  • see a running balance of your pending transactions
  • easily attach and receive sensitive documents in our secure message center
  • view deposit slips and deposited checks
  • send secure messages through the mobile app
  • easily send money to or receive money from an account outside of INB
  • connect to MoneyPass ATM locations right from your INB mobile app
  • add a note or attach a file with each transaction you make

What is Different

Giving you these new features means some things you are used to have changed.  These include:


1.   A security feature called “Out Of Band Authentication,” or OOBA, requires you to provide a mobile device or landline phone number to identify you if you log in from a device or browser you haven’t previously used or “remembered.” 


2.   Bill Pay is now under the heading of Move Money.


3.   If you use our Bill Pay service, you’ve likely noticed we send physical checks to some of your payees. With our old service we deducted the amount of the check from your account when we sent the check. With our new service, the amount isn't deducted from your account until the payee deposits the check, and it’s processed through their bank. This change means you won’t see the check amount deducted from your account until later in the payment process. To assure you have the funds when the check is presented, we advise using your check register to maintain an accurate balance and avoid overdraft charges.


4.   Finance Works is now Personal Budget Manager. With Personal Budget Manager, you can set budgets, track spending, create and track goals, and monitor net worth just as you could in Finance Works.


5.   If you have an Apple iPhone and your device is set for automatic updates, the INB app will update automatically. If you don’t get automatic updates, you will be prompted to update your app. Android and iPad users will need to delete our old app and download the new one.


6.   Your text and email alerts will convert to our new system. Push notifications within mobile banking will not covert. We encourage you to sign up for these alerts once we roll out the new online banking service.

7.   If you use Touch ID on an Android phone to access your online banking account, the functionality will not work when we initially launch the new site. Touch ID will be available for Apple phones immediately.

What You Need to Know  

The INB staff has been working for months to assure a smooth transition to our new online banking service.  In addition to new features available Oct. 17, you should know:


 1.   When you log into your account for the first time after Oct. 17, you will need to know your username. If you don't remember your username, please contact our Customer Care Center at 217-747-5500 or toll free 877-771-2316.

 2.   You'll find your last 12 months of Bill Pay history in the new app or online portal.  If you would like additional history, please contact our Customer Care Center. 

Questions You Might Have 

I like my online banking!  Why is INB making this change?

We like our current service as well. By moving to a service run by our core bank processor, we will more easily be able to implement future enhancements.  When updates are available, we’ll only need to work with our core provider and not both our core provider and our online banking service.  Additionally, the new service brings us an immediate upgrade by allowing you to now lock and unlock your debit card and access tax forms.

Will the new app look different?
We wanted to make the new app distinctively different so you would know you have the updated app. The new app is predominantly dark, dark blue . . . almost black. But you’re sure to recognize our logo.

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I don’t know my username.  Help!
If you don’t remember this information, log into your INB account f and click on your settings.  In the settings, you’ll find your username displayed.
If you have trouble accessing your username, please contact our Customer Care Center at 217-747-5500 or 1–877-771-2316.
What about my bill pay history?  Will that be lost?
No!  Your last 12 months of history will come over in a text file.If you'd like additional history, please contact us.
Will my Finance Works data convert to Personal Budget Manager?
No, the data will not be converted. Our new Personal Budget Manager will provide great functionality, and we hope you’ll give it a try.
Some of my merchants provide me their bill each month within Bill Pay.  Will this feature, called bill presentment, still be available?
Yes, but because we don’t have access to your accounts with these merchants, you will need to reestablish a relationship with them and our new Bill Pay service.
What are your Customer Care Service hours?
Our Care Center hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday.


If you are logged into the new system but having problems with Bill Pay, you can contact our special Bill Pay number 1-844-836-6665.  We will have Bill Pay help available 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. CST going forward. A chat feature is also available.