Debby Ancel Uses Problem-Solving for Success in Mortgage Career

3/19/2019 by Abraham Rezex

Debby Ancel vividly remembers a young couple from her church sitting in her office. They were recently married and had been renting.

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Kelly Raison Promoted to Vice President

3/15/2019 by Kathy Greer

Financial literacy and youth education are important to Kelly Raison NMLS #662902, who frequently gives her time to teaching Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes at Glenwood High School.

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Riverton Senior, APL Volunteer Plans to Pursue Veterinarian Degree

3/13/2019 by Dee Anderson

Mackenzie Prindle, senior at Riverton High School, loves animals and volunteers regularly with the Animal Protective League in Springfield.

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Justin Gensler Educates Couple Before Home Purchase

3/12/2019 by Aaron Sapp

Realtor Nate Evans was approached by a couple who were in need of some credit repair before they would be able to purchase their first home.

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Keyes to Success: Collaborative and Innovative INB Culture

3/11/2019 by Kathy Greer

When Cayla Keyes first began working at INB in 2009, she was “in awe” over the collaborative and helpful culture.

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