Classwork and Sports Propel Fricke to a Win

11/19/2018 by Dee Anderson

Ben Fricke, son of Nathan and Heather Fricke of Mt. Pulaski, has been named November Senior of the Month at Mount Pulaski High School.

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Family Memories Make Christmas for INB Employees

11/16/2018 by Marilyn Titone Schaefer

Red sweatpants, a pink bike, several big packages of gum AND a bunch of Praying Mantises each have a place in Christmas stories shared by our staff. While these things may see unrelated, another thing is perfectly aligned in each story: Christmas is about family memories.

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Banking and Teamwork Go Hand in Hand for Service Anniversary Celebrants

11/14/2018 by Kelley Himmelberg

It’s not often that a coworker turns into a family member. For Dani Dannenberger, it’s happened twice during her career at INB.

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Alyssa Herman New to INB, Longtime in Passion for Banking

11/9/2018 by Tom Gihl

While high school classmates were considering career paths, Alyssa Herman found her calling through an internship. She says: “I had an internship at the local bank when I was in high school, so I’d have to say that my interest began back then! Once in college, I took my first finance class and then knew this was the career that I wanted! I like the forward looking, planning, and visioning aspects that a career in finance/banking offers you!”

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Eloquent Writer Earns Senior Honor

11/5/2018 by Marsha Shomidie

Pleasant Plains High School senior, Mia Taft, impressed her literature teachers so much that she was awarded a “Best Writers” certificate and September senior of the month honors. In addition, she was an Illinois Level 3 semi-finalist for the Letters about Literature contest.

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