Employees Celebrating Bank Anniversaries Proud of INB’s Growth

9/18/2019 by Pat Phalen

Abby Sockel discovered a passion for trust services early in her career, while working for the original INB. So she was especially excited to join the “new INB” staff in 1999 to help start up the Trust Department.

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Not All Checking Accounts Are Alike: INB Checking Provides Savings

8/26/2019 by Andi Whalen

When you think of checking accounts, you probably think of spending.

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Mission to Serve Strengthened by Trip to Ethiopia

8/23/2019 by Marilyn TItone Schaefer

There’s no doubt that Heather McArty’s mission to bring shoes to needy Ethiopian kids had a profound impact on her. In fact, she was so struck by the poverty that she’s making plans to go back in two years.

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Marsha Shomidie Heads Toward Retirement

8/22/2019 by INB Staff

Marsha Shomidie made banking her career, starting more than 40 years ago after college. She came to INB when the bank first opened, and headed to Pleasant Plains 10 years ago. On August 30, she’ll walk away from her career into a well-deserved retirement. A few of her colleagues shared their “Marsha” stories.

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Number Training and People Personality Make for Ideal Bank Employee

7/26/2019 by Kathy Greer

Diana Nielsen is a “people person.” And while she enjoyed working with numbers after getting a degree in accounting, she missed the customer interactions of banking while being behind a screen all day.

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